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“I have had a business relationship with Rick Bennett, one of their founding educators, for over two decades. Knowing his passion for quality and creative learning, I can attest that the Hair Arts Institute will prepare dedicated students to achieve the highest standards in the industry.”

Stephen Moody Wella Global Education Academy Dean

“As the former Senior Creative Director of the Sassoon Academy and founder and creative director of the renowned SR Education program, it is my personal and professional opinion that the Hair Arts Institute is one of the elite centers of hair design in North America. Any passionate prospective student will learn the modern skills needed to be successful in their craft and in our diverse industry.”

Sally Rogerson Stylist & Educator

“They are the most successful team of hairdressers I have worked with. Their passion and technique, as well as their traditional barbering knowledge, will be pushing the boundaries of hairdressing at the Hair Arts Institute.”

Sheriff Mehmet Envy Barbers

“The Hair Arts Institute sets the bar high by exemplifying a standard of quality and dedication to the craft unparalleled in today’s barbering schools, in turn giving students the tools they need to not only succeed, but thrive in the modern hair work environment.”

Don Haidl Hybrid Education